After his studies in San Diego, California, Patrick began working with Redwood Burl and was led to Northern California for this unique resource in the 1970's. He gained a position managing Ford Burl Supply, a subsidiary of Korbel Winery, who was doing an extensive land
clearing operation in the heart of the redwoods. Patrick spent over a decade processing, grading and finishing thousands of tons of the high grade virgin burlwood stumps, remainders of the old growth logged off in the 1860's. The very best of these exotic pieces he selected to personally finish into furniture, fountains, sculptures and carvings for Korbel's finish department. He was also contracted by Korbel's clients to set up finish shops, machinery, and train personnel throughout the USA. This in depth experience with burlwood along with his artistic studies come together now to create his finest pieces. "As I create a new piece now, I feel like I am facilitating it to be transformed from a lost, ancient, earthen nugget into a visual feast to be enjoyed again."